"This guy really is fantastic. My family has been going to him for decades, and they are one of the friendliest and most professional doctors' offices I've ever been to. Dr. Lumry projects a confidence and intelligence that I haven't seen in many doctors. Where so many just crank out whatever scrip they give everyone else, he is actually genuinely thinking about your problem and what would be best. Love it."
Sarah B.

"Great group of people working there."
Rebecca Jones

"I've been seeing Dr. Lumry and his staff for about 14 years, and he has helped me immeasurably with my allergies. When we moved to TX from VA, I was sick nearly all the time and one year when I didn't need a referral, 6 people at work all recommended Dr. Lumry. He and his entire staff are all wonderful, caring and very professional. Dr. Lumry also diagnosed my immune system deficiency, which was a cause of more recent frequent illness. He has been so much better than my internist in diagnosing as well as caring for my illnesses. "
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"Absolutely the best doctor i know"
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“Very good! I'm very happy!”

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"I started going to Dr Lumry in 1999 and have the highest regard for his practice and staff. They have always been polite, helpful and willing to go above and beyond."
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